As Industrial-Organizational Psychologists, M Street consultants provide leadership and management insights that are rooted in the science of psychology and directed by sound data. 

In very general terms, organizational psychologists endeavor to use evidence-based insights to understand, predict, and influence the factors that enable people to be effective and satisfied in a particular work role and organization. As an field, we know a good deal about what contributes to the success of businesses and the individuals who lead and work in them. And as scientist-practitioners, we know how to help our clients use data to apply this knowledge to their unique business situation. 

As an experienced consultant with hands-on experience in startup and scale-up operations, my goal in founding M Street Consulting was to put the accumulated knowledge of my field to good use: translating academic research into actionable insights that enable my clients to make smarter decisions for the success of all stakeholders. 

At M Street Consulting, we are committed to consulting practices that are supported by sound evidence and that reinforce our clients' goals, company culture, and value proposition.