What one change could you make that would have the greatest impact on your performance as a leader, the success of your company, and your personal satisfaction? How would you know what it was?

Questions are powerful. Inherent in every question is the potential for learning and transformation, more of the same, or worse. We equip leaders with data-driven insights and evidence-based tools so that they ask and answer the right questions at the right time to accomplish what matters most at each stage in their organization's life cycle.

Drawing on psychological theories of change, we partner with leaders to co-create a dynamic learning environment where we tackle some of their toughest challenges in a coaching relationship.

And coaching gets results. Evidence from multiple research studies shows that coaching is a powerful developmental tool that yields a strong return for leaders and their organizations, including:

  • accelerated learning

  • significant and sustained improvements across a wide range of competencies including managing conflict, building relationships, sharing leadership, and strategic thinking

  • highly satisfied participants

  • an average ROI ranging from 3 to 7 times its cost

We have a niche practice focus on founder-led organizations. As an extension of our coaching with founders, we help them anticipate and navigate key growth-related transitions—transitions that require a new sense of self as a leader accompanied by new ways of thinking, doing, and relating. We partner with founders to leverage their privileged organizational position to translate personal change into sustainable organizational change.


Are you identifying and developing people who can lead your organization into the future?

Too often companies promote or hire people into leadership roles based on high performance in their current role and provide little or no guidance to help them transition effectively. Yet, the research is clear: Strengths that led to high performance in one role can be liabilities in another. 


We take the guesswork out of leader selection by using scientifically rigorous methods to identify the knowledge, skills, motivations, experiences, and values that leaders will need to move your business forward in the current and future business environment while preserving your established culture. Then we use valid assessments to identify the strengths and developmental needs of your current leaders and employees with leadership potential.


We offer a range of solutions including individual development plans and coaching to help your people realize their full potential and avoid derailment in their careers. And, we partner with you to align and integrate your leadership initiatives with existing initiatives, systems, and processes for maximal impact.


How long could you be absent from your company without a negative impact on operations?

If the answer is “not very long,” you are likely creating bottlenecks and inefficiencies that are limiting the ability of your business, your employees, and you to flourish.   


The answer to this question depends on a number of tangible "hard" factors that can be readily defined and directly managed. These include a well-communicated business strategy, a logical organizational structure, and reliable systems and processes. It also involves identifying and developing the next level of management and, ultimately, a plan for succession and your transition out of the business.  

But the answer to this question has its origins in intangible "soft" factors that are rooted in your beliefs, values, and attitudes. In fact, it is the inner world of the founder that provides the fuel to successfully manage the "hard" factors. These intangibles include your will to evolve your leadership style; the extent to which your core psychological needs are being met primarily through your role as founder; and your openness to explore values, skill-gaps, and behaviors that may be limiting your ability to empower direct reports.   


Through a systematic process of inquiry, we help founders assess the intangibles that are essential to positioning their business for continued success. We work with founders to prioritize these factors in light of current business realities and to develop strategies that address them in an integrated and aligned approach. 

We offer a range of solutions to maximize the impact of strategic initiatives including identifying family members or employees with the potential to step into leadership roles; assessing external candidates for leadership roles and culture fit; ensuring culture is aligned with strategy and the right people are in place across the organization to achieve it; and coaching to create the self-awareness and capacities founders need to lead through organizational transitions.


Are you prepared to navigate the demands of personal change that transitioning out

of your business will require?

Entrepreneurs invest vast sums of financial and emotional resources into their businesses. Although they may anticipate earning significant returns on their financial investment, many are unprepared for the psychological challenges inherent in transforming their business for an exit. In fact, research indicates that many entrepreneurs fail to meet the demands of personal change required to scale. Even those who do often find themselves blindsided by feelings of disorientation, dislocation, and regret, despite the financial payoff of a successful exit. 

The good news is that many of these transition challenges and pitfalls are well documented and their impact can be mitigated through preparation, planning, self-exploration, and thoughtful consideration of the full range of exit options. Others unfold over time in a predictable cycle of change.


We draw on our expertise as organizational psychologists to help you navigate the single greatest factor that contributes to exit success or failure: your self. Through a systematic process of exploration and assessment, we help you reflect on the personal implications of various exit options in light of a broad range of internal factors such as your motivations, identity, values, relationships, interests, and strengths. 


We work in concert with your existing team of exit planning professionals to leverage these insights so that you can make psychologically congruent and satisfying exit decisions. Then we draw on evidence-based coaching practices to empower you to navigate the changes your exit strategy will set in motion. We work with you to leverage the transition process to foster growth and personal transformation and to lay the groundwork for a satisfying life beyond your role as owner. 

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