We help investors assess and develop a human capital plan for the companies in which they invest. 

Much of an investor's ability to improve the trajectory of a company depends on having the right human capital strategy in place to align people at all levels of the organization with the growth plan. And the building blocks of an effective strategy are reliable insights that enable investors to accurately evaluate the human capital aspects of a potential investment. 

Two foundational elements to assess are the fit of a company's leadership and culture with the needs of the growth plan. Starting with senior leadership, people in portfolio companies must have the motivation and capacity to execute the plan and the ability to work exceptionally well together to do so. 

Investors need reliable insights into the company's senior leadership team, including the capabilities and style of individual members as well as the effectiveness of their interactions as a team. Similarly, investors need an accurate assessment of the company's culture to gauge how well it aligns with the behaviors, values, and attitudes that will be needed to support the growth plan.

Using valid, evidence-based methods, we thoroughly assess these intangible drivers of valuation, providing investors with insights into the strengths and risk areas of the management team, existing culture, and other critical organization elements -- such as employee engagement, the readiness of next level management, and the skills of employees in key roles -- relative to the needs of the business plan.


To fully use our insights in evaluating a potential investment, we recommend that certain assessments take place during the diligence phase. However, assessments conducted as part of incremental diligence during and just after a deal closes also provide crucial insights that firms can leverage to build value in a company.  


Drawing on data-driven insights, we develop actionable recommendations so that investors can leverage identified strengths and prepare for limitations and vulnerabilities that may impact execution of the value creation plan. Then we work with investors to incorporate our recommendations into a robust human capital strategy. We partner with investors post-deal to execute the strategy using evidence-based interventions and best practices to achieve maximal impact. 

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